What is the benefit

The recruiter's problem is no longer finding candidates to apply to their job openings but to get the best talent apply for these openings.To achieve this there are no two ways as a recruiter you have to make your self attractive.

What makes us Different!

  • We provide a platform through which you can broadcast your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) so you can attract top talent this comes at no cost at all but a full page all about you.
  • We believe in there being a platform that employers and job seekers can interact without barriers and at a minimal cost, a platform that provides insights and resources to help improve recruitment and HRM processes – We want to make Uganda a better place to work for HR practitioners.
  • We let you sit back, relax and sip-up to the latest HR News & Trends delivered straight into your inbox so you can take your people business to the next level.
  • We believe in learning through collaboration bringing together a community that can also learn from each other at no cost through sharing case studies, templates and a lot more. We know there are best practices but we also believe in sharing real life practices that have been tested and proved as aN employer you can benefit from these free resources to help you rethink your people business.

Early Adopter Benefits:

  • If you are within Kampala, you will be entitled to a free professional photo shoot and 1 video to add to your brand page.
  • As a founding supporter you will have the chance to be featured on our home page for 30 days.
  • Be a founding fan of an initiative poised to change the way HRM and recruitment is perceived in Uganda.
  • Build your employer brand equity with in the community of other employers as an early adopter.
  • Brand recognition and thanks mentions in our publications.

Recurring Benefits:

  • Online Employer brand Visibility through social media, press, case studies, newsletters, blogs, webinars, and more. Your brand visibility will further be enhanced since the Google search algorithm recognizes reviews.
  • We advocate for a free and safe job searching environment for job seekers (where no one should be charged money or be harassed in any way to find a job),
  • We believe in Equal opportunity employment from the side of employers (Where there is diversity and inclusion) – Be our brand Ambassador.



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