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The “I’m busy” response at the office.

The “I’m busy” response at the office.

You remember the common love catch line “never too busy for you!” Let’s assume Mary (the girlfriend) asked if she could meet up for lunch with Peter (the boyfriend). Peter could respond – “am never too busy for you my dear” this implies that Peter can make time for Mary no matter the circumstance and this is simply because it's among his priorities likewise, if Peter is not interested in Mary, “I’m busy” would come in handy. As human beings we sometimes tend to use the “I’m busy” answer as a way out from doing something.

The other scenario would be if Peter is actually busy, if he is concerned and wants to have lunch with Mary he would instead respond this way “at that time I will be meeting one of our good clients over lunch, can we do it tomorrow?” he would basically try to explain the reason why he is busy Instead of defaulting to “I’m busy” for an easy answer.

The “I’m busy” response is most times a spontaneous one that people use as a filler when they don’t want to out rightly say I don’t want to do it otherwise if they did want to, they would make time maybe not at that particular moment but at the next opportune moment.

You have certainly been given the “I’m busy” answer at some point or you have given it yourself as a way out of a situation at office. Everyone out there is busy when they are not working, they are attending a meeting, dealing with traffic, picking kids from school, parenting, doing house chores, maybe going to school themselves,  the list is endless. So responding that you are busy you could as well imply that the other party isn’t later on meaning that what they are talking about isn’t a priority.

Remember being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive so do not use the “I’m busy” reason for an easy answer when confronted with a situation that requires your attention instead, talk about what you are working on that is making you busy. This will sound more professional and will be easily accepted by the other party.

Everyone is busy out there someone would rather hear about how you’re managing your priorities not how your priorities are managing you.

Over to you;

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Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba.

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