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Why your CV can be binned.

Why your CV can be binned.

More than 80% percent of applications are discarded or ignored at first glance well, we know you want your application to be part of the 20%.

Here is why your application can miss being among the 20%;

Use of non-standard CV formats

There are normally standard CV formats, if you use the non-standard format recruiters may get confused trying to find information about you on your CV, don’t get overly creative in designing your CV simply use the standard formats. All employers are looking for is information about you, and they should be able to find this easily on your CV.

Spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors

Many recruiters assume that an application filled with spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors means the person’s work execution will likely be the same. With these kinds of mistakes your application will most likely find it’s way in the dust bin. Always try to proof read your applications and or CV before submission or ask a friend to.

Unexplained gaps in your work history

As long as you explain what you were doing during a time gap on your CV there isn’t as big of a deal. Maybe you went back to school for your master’s degree, then include the additional degree and related dates in your Education section. Don’t leave work history gaps that aren’t explained. Unexplained gaps in your work history can lead your applications to the bin.

Lack of the minimum required years of experience and skills

If the minimum number of years of experience required for a position is 5+, you might be able to get away with only three years of experience. But if you have much less than that, you should think twice before applying for the position. Lack of the minimum required years of experience and skills may get your application out rightly binned. Don’t apply for a customer relations manager positions if you are not a people person or you can’t handle customer complaints. Concentrate your applications for roles that closely match your experience and skills.

We hope this helps to turn the 80%,20% figures around.  We’d love to see the day where only 20 percent of applications end up in the bin instead.

Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

Views expressed by contributors are their own.