Here are just a few reasons why our employees love working at Samasource:

  • Our unique business model allows us to work at the cutting edge of AI while staying true to our social impact mission.
  • We have a talented, highly diverse global team. Check out our office locations here:
  • We offer highly-competitive benefits packages, generous vacation and paid holidays, sabbaticals, and more!
  • Our core values - integrity, humanity, grit, and GTD (getting things done) - are central to our day-to-day work.
Samasource East Africa
Full time
About Sama: 25% of the Fortune 50 trust Sama to deliver secure, high-quality training data and validation for the technology teams driving humanity forward. From self-driving cars to smart hardware, Sama fuels AI. Founded over a decade ago, we’re experts in image, video and sensor data annotation and validation for machine learning algorithms in industries including automotive, navigation, AR/VR, biotech, agriculture, manufacturing, and e-commerce. Our staff are driven by a mission to expand opportunity for low-income people through the digital economy, and our social business model has helped lift over 50,000 people out of poverty. Featured in Forbes: How to Train Your AI Dragon (Safely, Easily, and Without Bias) Sama Press Page About the Job: In preparation for Sama's next phase of growth, we are searching for an experienced and seasoned IT Technical Project Manager.  This role will provide day-to-day support in specifying,...