District Development Plan - DDP III Consultant, Mbarara and Gulu District

  • Global Green Growth Institute
  • Uganda
  • 04/03/2020
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Job Description

District Development Plan - DDP III Consultant, Mbarara and Gulu District

Working with the district technical committees in Gulu and Mbarara, the selected consultant will be expected to lead the process of drafting the DDP while providing technical support to the teams in identifying pertinent issues around RE energy at the district level that will be incorporated in to the development plans and linked to the NDP III.

The Technical Planning Committees of District Local Governments (DLGs) are embarking on the process of writing the third District Development Plan (DDP III) for the period 2020/21-2024/25, in line with the strategic direction provided by the third National Development Plan (NDP III). These five-year plans form a baseline tool for tracking implementation of government programs and the basis of controlling the pace and direction of development investment at higher and lower Local Government (LG) levels. It is through the DDP that the local government/districts would be able to identify development priority areas for each specific district, incorporate it into national development objectives and at the end of the cycle, take stock of what has been achieved.

With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, GGGI seeks to support two district local governments with consultancy services in process of drafting the DDPs. While the support will encompass the drafting of the whole DDP, with guidance from the Technical Committees, specific focus would be placed on the prioritization of clean, renewable and efficient energy aspects into the district developing plans.

Renewable energy is an essential resource that could trigger sustainable development and enhances poverty reduction efforts, while mitigating the likely dangers of climate change at the Districts. Following the identified directions in the NDP III, the consultant will support the district technical committees in drafting the DDP, with the specific objective of improving the consistency between the DDPs and the national development plans, incorporating sustainable development priorities in the key areas identified by the district technical committees, including sustainable energy. The consultant will also help the districts to identify and link the DDPs to available financing to enable the effective implementation of the DDP.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the Consultant will include but not be limited to:

· Lead the Districts to prepare and submit a comprehensive output based DDP III that is aligned with the NDPIII

· Integrate critical energy interventions across all District departments into the DDP III document, putting emphasis on Renewable Energy (RE) and off-grid energy access, including solar home systems (SHS) in social amenities (schools, hospitals etc) and households.

· Develop a results monitoring framework for the DDP that is aligned with the indicators of the NDP III.

· Lead necessary consultative meetings with key stakeholders, technical planning committees, district departments, CSOs and communities among others to ascertain topics and objectives for inclusion in District Development Plans. Costs of such meetings will directly be financed by GGGI and do not have to be quoted, preparation work and minuting of the events are the responsibility of the consultant.

· Convene, and lead consultative meetings to present the outputs to the Technical Planning committee; revise & incorporate input and present the final DDP III for approval. 

Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables and Payment Schedule


% Payment

Due date



10 Days after submission of the draft DDP



10 Days after submission of the final DDP

 *All deliverables to be closed within forty-two (42) days within the contract length.

Deliverables and Reporting arrangement

The Consultant will work closely with the planning units of the respective districts and is expected to periodically update on the progress of the assignment upon GGGI’s request.

All reports and outputs must be in English, in accordance with the DLG’s formatting requirements, and submitted in hard copy and electronic formats along with complete sets of raw data, research materials, and interview notes.


The Consultant has extensive experience on policy and strategic plan development, having successfully accomplished at least 3 similar/related assignments (that can be shown to GGGI as a reference). He/she must have solid understanding of Uganda’s environment, energy and natural resource’s sector.

In addition, the Consultant should possess the following skills and competencies:

  • A Masters degree in economic planning, energy studies, natural resources or other relevant subject with least 10 years’ experience in policy development work and strategic planning related field.
  • Demonstrated understanding of high and low local Government planning process and procedures.
  • At least 3 previous assignments undertaken in drafting development policy related documents and regulations
  • Consulting experience in programme development and policymaking is an asset.
  • 5 years of demonstrated experience in natural resources/energy field
  • Demonstrated capacity to analyze complex issues, draw relevant conclusions and produce a comprehensive technical planning report.

Must be independent but collaborative and able to give constructive feedback to District senior management team and other consultants.

Child protection – GGGI is committed to child protection, irrespective of whether any specific area of work involves direct contact with children. GGGI’s Child Protection Policy is written in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Contract Type
Individual Consultant (Deliverable)
Individual Consultant F
Salary scale
Individual Consultant Scale
Contract Duration
4 months
Date to close (KST)
Ref No


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