Covid 19 Cordinator -Apolou

  • Mercy Corps
  • moroto
  • 13/10/2020
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Job Description


Mercy Corps Uganda programming is implemented in Karamoja, West Nile and Kampala. The programming includes activities targeting livelihoods, WASH, nutrition, market systems and youth. Mercy Corps Uganda is continuing to operate in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Programmes, offices, team members and partners are constantly adjusting to the ever-changing context so that we can continue to implement our critical activities while also keeping all stakeholders safe.


This position is primarily responsible to ensure staff safety in the office, work locations and while implementing programs to the best of our ability. The Mercy Corps safety strategy in our work is public health oriented and relies on systemic health and safety programming based on hazard identification, risk assessment, hazard mitigation. Strategy also focuses on keeping staff well informed by providing simple, straight-forward messaging around safety and health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This position is a partner to all team members and assists country leadership, programming and administration to prevent and mitigate the risk of loss and manage unexpected health, safety, and security events related to COVID-19. This position also coordinates with Regional leadership, Global Security Team members, HQ COVID-19 task force and Global Programming team members to ensure health and safety measures are seamless with global organizational efforts. Safety and health efforts are not static and processes that support safety and health will be evaluated and updated regularly based on MC and Government of Uganda recommended SOPs. The successful candidate will also engage directly with the Country Senior Leadership Team, Program Managers and Field Office COVID-19 focal persons. It is critical that this position is up to date with all COVID-19 related information and protocols coming from MC and GoU.



  • Train and support office COVID-19 focal persons with contact tracing, case management and communication
  • Will be the point person for all matters related to COVID-19. Must be available by phone, skype, WhatsApp, in person and email (or any other means) to respond to staff concerns immediately (especially those who are COVID-19 positive, or in the “high risk” category). Must respond to staff concerns with empathy, understanding and clear messaging
  • Compile, regularly update and share relevant information related to COVID-19 for staff to access. Information should be from verified and relevant sources only
  • Lead COVID-19 contact tracing processes for Mercy Corps Uganda in liaison with District focal persons and the Senior Leadership Team
  • Provide approved information and guidance to staff on quarantine procedures and what to do if symptoms develop while maintaining utmost confidentiality
  • Support District Implementation Team Leads with District Local Government coordination on issues related to COVID-19
  • Become knowledgeable of and track relevant safety and health rules and guidance as it applies to programmatic and staff safety. This includes existing Mercy Corps rules and guidance as well as national and international rules and standards
  • Review existing plans, create and keep current, country and office specific plans for team safety, security, emergencies including COVID-19 response, and local office and program business continuity
  • Develop an understanding of program activities in the country. Routinely assess, evaluate and document program and operational activities for health, safety, and security hazards including sub-offices and remote worksites. Provide advice to program teams planning activities to ensure they meet all required SOPs
  • Understand our exposure to COVID-19 and provide routine updates on this to country and regional management. Adapt existing plans in advance of anticipated impacts
  • Actively participate in the global Security Team, country task force and help perpetuate an informed dialogue around any threats and our risk threshold – including partners
  • Investigate, analyze, make recommendations and report on near misses and incidents resulting in injury or loss
  • Provide weekly briefings to team members and the Senior Leadership Team, and as-needed alerts to events related to COVID-19 that may have an effect on our planning, and staff or partner safety
  • Provide regular training to Mercy Corps team members and partners on safety and health requirements related to COVID-19 so that everyone is informed and necessary skills are understood and effectively acquired
  • Promote safety and health outside of work. Design or disseminate training materials for home-use.
  • Exercise team members with response roles and test all contingency plans related to preparedness and response related to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Train and brief team members on their roles or actions expected from them in an incident related to COVID-19
  • Keep current information related to Ministry of Health guidance and ensure Mercy Corps planning is utilizing the best resources available for national and expatriate staff based on understanding of the agency insurance and medical evacuation policies
  • Undertake coordination calls with Mercy Corps human resource department, as needed for a proactive approach to ensuring field realties are in sync with Country Office planning.
  • Update the Country Director and Senior Leadership Team with any major shifts to our safety strategy or perceived risk level in country related to COVID-19
  • Be supportive and creative in health, safety, and security programming with an understanding of Mercy Corps and partner capabilities and risk thresholds.
  • Provide new team members or short-term deployments prior to travel with orientation to risks and mitigation.
  • The Coordinator will respect the privacy and confidentiality of all team members throughout their assignment.
  • The Coordinator will act as the focal person on matters of Covid 19 relating to MC Uganda staff and the Ministry of Health in Uganda.


  • All Mercy Corps staff are expected to behave ethically and demonstrate highest integrity in their professional and personal life. Mercy Corps has zero tolerance to any form of fraud, corruption, abuse, harassment or exploitation. Any breach of our policies or misconduct will lead to disciplinary action or may lead to termination


  • Ensure data protection policies are adhered to, establishing security controls for software, hardware and archive beneficiary databases
  • Ensure compliance with security procedures and policies as determined by country leadership.
  • Proactively ensure that team members operate in a secure environment and are aware of policies
  • As part of our commitment to organizational learning and in support of our understanding that learning organizations are more effective, efficient and relevant to the communities they serve, we expect all team members to commit 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit Mercy Corps as well as themselves.
  • Mercy Corps team members are expected to support all efforts toward accountability, specifically
    to our beneficiaries and to international standards guiding international relief and development work, while actively engaging beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of our field projects.
  • Sensitise communities on Apolou's CARM system and encourage them to share feedback through the promoted channels


  • Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission
  • Other duties as assigned


Representation and Coordination

Represent Mercy Corps at any health and safety related coordination meetings and stay abreast of government and international strategies and initiatives related to COVID-19.




WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Senior Leadership Team, Apolou Activity SMT, Program Managers, Field Office Task Forces, HQ response team, Global HR


  • BS/BA degree with a focus on Public Health, Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources. Masters in Public Health strongly preferred
  • 5-7 years of demonstrated experience in workplace safety and coordination roles
  • Experience in effective hands-on training and skills transfer
  • Highly organised
  • Extensive experience in setting up and managing safety and security systems and protocols and provide training to team members and partners.
  • Effective communicator, able to easily demonstrate understanding and empathy
  • Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work cooperatively with team members.
  • Proven ability to work and solve problems independently without direct supervision.
  • English proficiency required: excellent written and oral skills.



A successful candidate will implement and manage health and safety measures that will reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the work environment. The office leadership and all team members will be diligent in owning and self-monitoring adherence to safety and health practices and are informed in a manner that this is transferred to their own homes and through program activities. A successful candidate will understand the importance of our operations in the country will have the patience and focus to facilitate the safe implementation of program activities. They will be respectful of confidentiality, highly organized and an effective communicator. The candidate must be able to work successfully independently with minimal supervision. Comfortable working in fast changing situations.


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