Consultancy - Developing a Computerized MEAL Management Information System (MIS)

  • IRC International Rescue Committee Uganda
  • Uganda
  • 11/09/2021
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Requisition ID: req19999

Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation

Open to Expatriates: No

Job Description 

The IRC in the process developing a computerized Information management system for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning department. The system will consolidate the performance of the different sectors into one centralized database. This will provide detailed information on services delivery, progress on work plan implement, budget utilization, facilitate data utilization by different stakeholders and provide management with real-time data on program performance for evidence-based decision making.  The results will further be used by program managers to enhance project performance by t using the information to detect problematic areas early enough and make appropriate adjustments in service delivery.

Existing MEAL Management Information System 

Currently, the IRC is using several data bases to collect information on the different services provided to the clients, which include;

  • PRIMERO which is being used to collect data on GBV case management
  • COMM care used for collecting data on protection and legal case management
  • Excel Trackers: each project has an excel tracker that tracks limited data on project performance
  • Indicator Performance Tracking Table (IPTT) which give management an overview on project performance
  • Health Information system (HIS) which is an access desktop data bases that stores health information data.

Objective of the assignment

The IRC is seeking a consultant to support in developing an online computerized system that is able to; collect data from the different projects and workplan activities, centrally store this data, link with the different databases to generate reports routine performance on different project indicators, dashboards that support drilling down contributions from different field sites. The system should be able to show performance at institutional level by consolidating performance across the field sites and specific field site performance.  A fully function system will be developed in a phased manner

The consultant will be responsible for building a complete and fully functional integrated MEAL system that incorporates all the project implemented within IRC. The systems will be developed in phased manner. The consultant will implement this assignment in a phased manner where a module will be worked on, tested, and rolled out for use by the program/project team.

Scope of Work

  • Define requirements through user interviews, document analysis (MEAL Log frames, frameworks, Project work plans, MEAL tools.), Workshops, workflows processes and analysis, descriptions, user cases, scenarios, and task so that client’s requirements can be addressed precisely, and system can be developed by following all defined standards and methodologies.
  • The consultant shall develop the functional requirements, Use Cases, Graphical User Interface, Screen, and Interface designs to be signed off.
  • Explore the possibility of linking the current applications being used seamlessly at a lower /backend level and eliminate having to long into multiple data bases to access the information.  However, the consultant will be allowed to suggest how best a centralized system that integrates data from all projects implemented in the different field sites.
  • The integrated MEAL system should support the processes of collecting, measuring, monitoring, evaluating, reviewing, and reporting of data and information at a project & program level.
  • The system should be scalable to include the all the projects of IRC but will start with the RE:BUILD project
  • Enhance both project and program dashboard. The dashboard should not be sophisticated and it should provide reports, charts, and geo-spatial (GIS) maps to track key indicators and trends for senior management, stakeholders and the public.
  • The system MUST be tailored to define custom indicators for the different project and program with various levels of aggregation such as location type of Services, age, nationality, disability, and any other custom aggregations.
  • The system MUST be tailored to define a custom MEAL hierarchy structure and ability to aggregate result at both project, program level, sector level and institutional level.
  • The consultant shall include the report generation module (Tabular, Graphic and pivot tables) to include different project indicators and data
  • The system should provide for easy development and addition of new data collection tools and query builders for analysis.
  • Link the query to the data sets generated from the new data entry screen to facilitate user defined analysis.
  • Provide for import and export of raw data to Microsoft excel for further analysis (The exported data should maintain the geographical location and time information).
  • The consultant should provide for uploading the exiting data on the different project being implemented accomplished and for projects that closed.
  • Technology planning considerations: the solution should not cost friendly, it’s should allow for offline and online version.
  • The application shall be hosted by IRC and the constant should provide technical assistance on Load balancing, Security Testing, and the necessary integration testing of the two integrated systems.
  • The system MUST be configured to track audit Log that keeps tracks of User Activity in the integrated database.

Integration Interfaces

The consultant SHALL link the system to the exiting data bases;

  • COMM care
  • Provide a window for uploading the exiting information in excel data bases



Project Management Requirements

The consultant is expected to provide a detail project plan and an implementation methodology of this project.

However due to the different implementation timelines for each project, the project will be executed in phases (sprints), RE:BUILD being the first module to be developed and implemented followed by PRM and other projects.

The project plan is expected to include;

  • Information regarding the development process
  • Maximum lead time for delivery of services (phase by phase)
  • A development method and schedule with indicative timeline (Gantt chart)
  • Risk management strategy and quality control mechanism.
  • Any development tasks or assumptions that may be required to render the solution fit-for-purpose.
  • Data migration plan
  • And a contingency plan.

Expected Outcomes and Deliverables

  • A demonstration/prototype of the anticipated system
  • Functional requirements and Configuration information.
  • System and sub system schematics; the Consultant will be required to supply comprehensive documentation for the system and all its components.
  • The work breakdown structure for every sprint (at the task level)
  • System operation manuals, user guide, Mentorship, and coaching plan.
  • Formal procedures for system testing and pilot phase
  • Commissioned Integrated MEAL management information system.
  • Training of staff with explicit capacity building plan
  • System source Codes.
  • Customized reports as per user requirement
  • Plan for providing post commissioning technical support hinged on enabling IRC ownership and independently manage the system

Working Arrangement

The consultant will work in close collaboration with the IRC MEAL team, and they shall be the subject matter expert (SME) for their respective projects. The team comprised of the MEAL Coordinator, MEAL Managers, MEAL officers, program team and the IT team for technical guidance. IRC will provide the required reports templates.

Duration of the Consultancy

This consultancy is expected to be implemented in a period of 3 months for first module for RE:BUILD. The contract will be extended to cover the requirements of different project.

Please note: Shortlisted candidates will be asked to carry out a demonstration to show their understanding of the tasks. 

The IRC and IRC staff must adhere to the values and principles outlined in IRC Way - Standards for Professional Conduct.  These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability.  In accordance with these values, the IRC operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation.

We are committed to narrowing the gender gap in leadership positions. We offer generous benefits that provide an enabling environment for women to participate in our workforce including parental leave, gender-sensitive security protocols and other supportive benefits and allowances. We welcome and strongly encourage qualified female professionals to apply.

All staff, regardless of role, are required to create a culture of client responsiveness by requesting and using client feedback data to make decisions. In addition, all staff are expected to demonstrate inclusiveness when making programmatic decisions and working with clients, partners and colleagues from diverse backgrounds. You can read more about the IRC’s commitment to client responsiveness here:

IRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. IRC considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

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