• SNV
  • Nakonde, Zambia
  • 16/11/2021


About the Chambeshi Lukanga Sanitation and Hygiene Project

SNV Zambia is implementing the WASH SDG sub-programme known as the Chambeshi-Lukanga sanitation programme in conjunction with two commercial utilities: Chambeshi and Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company together with other five local authorities namely: Kabwe, Kasama, Mbala, Mpulungu and Nakonde. With funding from the Dutch Government, the Programme aims to sustainably improve access to and use of sanitation services and improve hygiene behaviours from 2017 to 2022. It is built on three core strategic objectives, namely (1) increasing demand for improved WASH facilities and practices, (2) improving the quality-of-service provision and by (3) improving governance of the sector. The project will contribute to achieving access to safely managed sanitation and improved hygiene behaviour for 200,000 and 260,000 people respectively in peri-urban/urban areas across the five towns.

SNV requests Expressions of Interest from:

 Civil Society Organisations based and/or with track record in Nakonde Town for Advocacy and Awareness Raising Activities aiming to improve Access to Sanitation and Hygiene with a focus on the needs of women, girls and other vulnerable groups.

Brief on the scope of works: Advocacy & Awareness Raising Activities aiming to Equitably improve access to sanitation and hygiene services in Nakonde Town

Nakonde has an urban population of approximately 65.000 people and a strategic position at the border with Tanzania. The town faces a number of challenges with the provision of sanitation and hygiene services, made even more urgent with the COVID19 pandemic. These challenges include low rates of hand washing with soap in households, that is consistently practiced by only 8% of the population; and low rates of hand washing with soap in health care centres, where 33% of the facilities fail to provide access. In schools, 87% of the children have no access to a hand washing facility and to soap and 19% of the girls do not have access to safe Menstrual Hygiene Management conditions. Demand for sanitation also requires improvements, as 11% of the population has no access to a toilet at the household level and faecal sludge emptying services are in low demand.


Selection criteria

Interested organizations (individuals are not eligible) are invited to express their interest if meeting the criteria below:

1.   Sound knowledge of Nakonde’s social, cultural, institutional and environmental features and of its relevant stakeholders, also at the Local Government level

2.   Demonstrated experience with awareness raising and mobilization of local population and key stakeholder towards issues of collective interest, particularly of social and environmental nature. Experience with sanitation and hygiene issues is much valued.

3.   A track record that showcases experience in representing and voicing the needs and concerns of women and girls and other vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, elderly, and low income groups, amongst others

4.   Capacity to timely deliver results driven activities and to report (both narrative and financial reporting), to monitor progress and to propose adjustments whenever relevant

Additional Information

To apply

Please submit the following documents to by August 26th 2021, with subject “Nakonde WASH CSO Partner”:

ü  Institution profile

ü  Certification of registration


ü  Track record that demonstrates compliance with the 4 selection criteria (maximum 5 pages), and that includes at least 2 references

ü  Motivation letter (maximum 1 page)

Evaluation process and next steps

Successfully selected institutions will be granted access to the complete scope of works, studies and baseline data and requested to submit a preliminary technical and financial proposal based on which final selection will be conducted.

All information required to submit your Expression of Interest is detailed above and only successfully selected institutions will be contacted on completion of the advertising process.

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